Week 3

For week 3 I focused on creating a project proposal and project management plan.

I looked into the three areas of the project: Sustainability, Changing Habits and Enabling Participation.

I began by brainstorming potential product ideas. I looked at different ideas in the ‘Sustainability and Changing Habits’ areas. After much thought, I settled on the idea of plastic bottles being melted or compressed into different shapes and sizes.


“My project will center on sustainability. While doing some initial research, I found that plastic is the hardest material to recycle. Plastic bottles and bags are often coated in a resin that is hard to break down and may emit fumes. I would like to create a brand that could turn people’s plastic into art. I will produce an app that will allow you to input the amount of plastic you have. Next, you will discover what you can make out of the number of materials. The customer will then send the bottles via a courier service. If the customer wants to donate their plastic, the charge will be minimal. If the customer wants to have the art produced, there will be a small labour cost.

I will mock up an app and an advert for this project. Based upon this, I believe my project will be based around media and informatics. I would like to explore options of creating things out of plastic, dabbling in product design but I am not sure this will work, as I may not have access to appropriate resources.”

When I began to do some in-depth research, I found that melting plastic may be easier said then done. The fumes that are emitted may be toxic to an individual that wants to melt and mould plastic independently. I concluded that the project would be too difficult and unpractical.

Upon realising this, I looked at another idea in the ‘Changing Habits’ area. For this, I created another brief.

Brief 2

“My project idea will centre on the budgeting of student finances for university students. I will design an app prototype and a mock-up ad campaign that will offer useful budgeting tips and services for students. The app will be centred on changing the habits of students that do not know how to budget. It will also manage the spending habits of the student’s loan. I know a lot of students struggle with managing their finances for the first year; this app will work on helping the students to become more responsible with their finances.”

This idea seemed more manageable. Personally, I prefer a waterfall method of project management where each phase of production takes place in order to develop a successful project.

From this point, I started my initial development by creating a mood board and a flow chart to start off my project. flowchart

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