Week 6

For week 6 I started to create a Hi-Fi prototype based on my previous rough designs.

I wanted to sketch and outline what my application would look like using a sketchbook. I paired this with the logos I designed in my previous week. The brand identity started to slowly take form as I pieced together different sketches of my designs that will help me later on when I begin creating my app.

BGDAppsketch 1BGDAppsketch 3BGDAppsketch

This week, I also gained ethical clearance for my primary research.

I made a short questionnaire to gain quantitative data. There are many advantages and disadvantages for questionnaires. For example, it is hard to gain empathetic insight using quantitative data. The questionnaire may also have confusing wording or terms that may be misunderstood and therefore invalid. However, questionnaires are a cheap and easy way to gain a larger quantity of data. With this data, I could triangulate the results with other quantitative data to achieve a stronger hypothesis.

I asked participants if they rely on student finance and how it helps them, this ranges from ‘Student finance funds everything (maintenance, tuition, rent, food or luxuries including going out)’ to ‘Student finance barely funds my tuition fees or living costs’ or other means if student finance is not applicable.

I asked participants if they have a budget and if so, whether they stick to their budget.

The next set of questions was to find out how most people spend their money. I asked, “How much money do you spend on academic purposes roughly? From ‘very little (less than £10 a term) to an ‘extortionate amount (£200-£300 a term)’

The next question asked ‘How much money do you spend on personal luxuries? (Going out, drinking, clothes etc) I also asked people what most of their money goes on; going out (clubs, pubs and events) or going out (cite-seeing, days in town), academic purposes, travel, food shopping, utility bills, rent, clothing or health (prescriptions, appointments etc).

I also wanted to know what are the other means of gaining money such as parents/guardians, part time or casual job, full-time job, personal savings, overdraft, bursary or other government provided help, credit cards or payday loans.

I also wanted to get a feel for the participant’s mental health. I asked how the participants feel about their current situation ranging from ‘comfortable’ to ‘extremely anxious’

I also asked if the participant’s financial situation affects their studies and if so, to what extent. This range is from ‘Barely affects me’ and ‘affects me to an unbearably large extent’.

I wanted to collect more secondary data before I start handing out my primary research so for the end of this week, I handed out pilot studies and continued finding more secondary data.

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