Week 10

This week I developed my app and showed it to a few peers.
I designed my app in InDesign. As I have extensive knowledge of InDesign, it was very easy to create. I followed a rough design plan of my application I made in the initial development stage.
  • A few people pointed out that my colour scheme was relevant but the black font against the dark blue button was difficult to read. I took this into consideration and, after hearing they thought the yellow icon for the ‘Holiday Fund’ went well with the colour scheme so I decided to make the text an off- orange colour  to make it stand out.
  • Some people noted that they would prefer to have a simple, un-cluttered home page and I wanted to change it according to the feedback I got.
Due to unforseen circumstances, I was unable to access my application because of a technical fault. I decided to restart creating my app with my existing designs but with updated features.
When I was creating my newer version of my applications, I was able to create a number of screens that would follow a clear path of user’s demands.
After creating my application, I saved the pages as Images and used an online service called ‘InVision’
This service allows me to make the application work by connecting different pages together with changeable transitions. I began by following my flow chart, then I could make the application work in order.
                 (Click to enlarge)
While testing my application, I was able to make things work that were not explicitly stated in the flow chart. I was able to implement ‘menu’ buttons that would link the users back to the main screen.
I was able to download the InVision app and use Budgie as a working application. This meant I could see how users could interact and how I can present it.
I then began working on my advert for my application. I had sketches and designs of what I wanted my advert to look like, however, when I did some test shoots, the images did not come out the way I wanted. Some images were blurred and unclear. However, there was not enough time to re-shoot due to faults with my time management. I used mock-up prototype files from an internet site to create the illusion that someone was holding a phone with my application in their hand.
If I was going to go through my development again, I would have implemented a more structured time plan and included time for possible electrical or technical faults.

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